UFO Fleets Enter The Earth’s Atmosphere. NASA Records The Event Live On TV. (VIDEO)

While NASA was live from the International Space Station (ISS). A fleet of Alien Ships can be seen entering the Earth’s atmosphere. (VIDEO)Using live streaming from the International Space Station (ISS), NASA recorded a massive formation of UFOs flying over the bright side of Earth and penetrating the atmosphere. What is going on over our heads? Why are these supposed alien ships approaching our planet?

This is not the first time that NASA has stopped broadcasting live from the International Space Station. As soon as foreign objects appear on the cameras, they will switch to the screen and the text will note that there is a sudden loss of signal between the station and the communication network. The high-tech cameras of the International Space Station have captured this phenomenon, no longer unknown and disturbing in space, very similar to the one we have been reporting for two months. The ISS and the distance have yet to be determined, as the ISS cameras look out into space beyond Earth.

Now we have them so close that they believe they are under the Space Station and something is disturbing and setting off alarms in space agencies around the world. One thing is certain: are they coming to Earth? Are the aliens here to intensify the global event? The images that we can see in the video below have sparked a heated debate about the origin of the strange lights. What is NASA hiding?

In addition to these large swarms of UFOs, anomalies keep happening and they are all coming from the same direction. It means that we have great things in mind, but the inability to listen to the space agencies makes us more cautious every day, and so we wonder… why? We can only imagine where they came from and for what purpose they came. They may be here not only to witness humanity’s fight against what is happening today, but also to see if we can prevent a potential extinction event. The fact that it happened on January 22, 2020 is a clear example of how NASA is trying to hide UFOs and other unknown advanced objects in space.

On February 1, at a safe distance from the International Space Station, after these objects entered our planet, something similar to a swarm of bright objects moved with the green anomaly. On February 2 of this year, a new set of these strange anomalies were recorded for the second time by other witnesses using the same live streaming app. These records are so spectacular that we have found some major anomalies in adjacent space, confirming that we are witnessing something different from the past when it comes to extraterrestrial visitation.

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