Scientists have found out when the Sun will destroy our planet

Today, the Sun is considered to be a fairly young star, and therefore it is able to produce a huge amount of energy and be a source of light and heat.


But one day the moment may come when the Sun will destroy not only the Earth, but also some other planets. Absolutely all stars die, and our star is no exception. It will also die and cease to support life on Earth.

Scientists say that the Sun is capable of destroying not only the Earth, but also Venus and Mercury. The solar system will remain completely devastated after the explosion.

Experts long ago calculated that in about 5 billion years our star will explode. Additional research was conducted to establish a more precise date of death of the luminary.

To date, the degree of destruction caused by the explosion of the Sun is still unknown. In order to get more information, experts made three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations.

As a result, they got several options for what would be the results of a planet being absorbed by a star like the Sun.

Scientists emphasized that the final result will be influenced not only by the size of the planet, but also by the condition of the star itself.

Some experts claim that the Earth is too big, so it will not be absorbed completely, unlike Mercury and Venus. However, our planet will still be uninhabitable.

After the Sun loses all its hydrogen and turns into a red giant, its boundaries will begin to rapidly expand and absorb absolutely everything in their path.

A planet can be thrown into a narrow orbit, which will lead to its complete absorption. In addition, scientists believe that there is a chance that the changes will provide an opportunity for the formation of a perfect new world.

Today, the age of the Sun is 4.57 billion years, which is about half of its life. This could be the reason why solar activity is still going on. In almost 5 billion years it will begin to die, so it is incredibly likely that our planet will be destroyed.

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