I Saw What I Did Not Have, A 3-Meter Alien! (VIDEO)

NASA Engineer Shocked The World: I Saw What I Did Not Have, A 3-Meter Alien!

A veteran of the NASA says he has seen an alien with his own eyes. It was supposed to happen during a mission to the cosmos 24 years ago. The meeting was part of the conspiracy of the US government and the inhabitants of other planets.

Clark C. McClelland was 35 years old of NASA. According to his own words, he collaborated on more than 650 missions like Apollo, Mercury, and he also stood at the creation of the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle program.

Earlier in the day, he declared that when he was watching a spacecraft flight at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1991, he saw something he did not see. Almost three meters high alien humanoid shape. He had two hands, two legs, slim body and a head adequate to his body construction, and communicated with two astronauts in the shuttle’s cargo compartment. The unusual encounter took just one minute and seven seconds. The former engineer also claims that an alien ship was parked next to the orbit.

In this context, conspiracy has emerged, according to which world leaders have joined aliens and formed one league. “I’m not a fool, I can discern an extraterrestrial vessel when I see it.” The aliens live on Earth, pass through us, perhaps even assimilated in some earthly governments, “said McClelland, an expert on visual spacecraft recognition.

Although McClelland first published his story in July 2008 on his Stargate Chronicles website, NASA has not yet spoken of him playing the UFO carat with enthusiasts and all the lover of conspiracies. They also state that the US is concealing important information to the world that it has a secret military alliance and that the International Space Station is using it for meetings with alien race members. McClelland’s testimony could provide evidence that NASA deliberately suppresses contact with aliens.

For example, last year, there was contact between them and the ISS. However, NASA has interrupted direct transmission. Former expert of the National Aviation and Space Agency said in this regard that the US government had stopped paying him a pension, so he currently lives only from social benefits.

McClelland was the personal friend of NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 lunar pilot, who was also the sixth man on the Moon. Mitchell has become much more famous than his colleague when he said in the past that “it’s 90 percent certain that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects that have been seen since the 1940s are visitors from other planets.”


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